Wildlands Fire Protection. Also, Preparing to Survive Disasters.

Thursday_673x324  12pmTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1
PROGRAM #9733 12:00 PM PT

Wildlands Fire Protection.

Western states are at higher risk of deadly wildfires, which are getting worse as each year more areas are burned. Why so many wildfires? How can those disasters be averted? An expert shares findings of a study to reduce fuel and protect communities from wildland fire. She talks about prescribed burn, as well as indigenous cultural burning, to enhance fire protection and forest restoration. She also comments on the challenges to conserve old-growth, mature forests to help mitigate climate change.

Guest: Jeanette Cobian-Iñiguez, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Merced, Merced, CA.

Preparing to Survive Disasters. September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA is urging families around the US to prepare for emergencies and disasters, like wildfires, hurricanes, and floods. Experts encourage people to be aware of the risks where they live, make an emergency plan to keep everyone in the family safe, and help your neighbors.

Photo: National Interagency Fire Center

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