Park-Poor Fresno Push for Green Spaces.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, JANUARY 10
PROGRAM # 8518 12:00 PM PT

Park-Poor Fresno Push for Green Spaces.

The Westside neighborhoods in Fresno, the most heavily polluted areas in the state, received 70-million in cap and trade funds from the state of California to help revitalize these low-income communities, bring jobs, and reduce greenhouse gases. When will Fresno’s new projects break ground? Also, last November, most voters in this Central Valley city supported a measure to invest in parks, but it failed to get the two-thirds needed to pass, hitting communities of color the hardest, since they are the most polluted and deprived of green spaces and playgrounds. What’s next? Also, guest analysts comment on the health budget proposed by the new governor to cover new uninsured populations, and the prospects that in 2019 valley communities whose drinking water is contaminated will have the human right to clean water.

Guests: Sandra Celedon, Executive Director and President, Fresno Building Healthy Communities, Fresno, CA; Grecia A. Elenes, Policy Advocate, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, Fresno, CA


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