Indigenous Women Leaders. Also, Plans to Gut Pesticide Protections.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, APRIL 19
PROGRAM # 8311 12:00 PM PT

Indigenous Women Leaders.

Indigenous women are breaking new ground after becoming leaders of a bi-national alliance of Oaxacan communities. This is the first time in more its 25-year history that the organization will be led by a woman. Women usually don’t hold positions of leadership in traditional authority bodies in indigenous communities. The newly-elected leaders talk about key issues impacting their communities on both sides of the border, including their plans to promote women’s rights, their work to promote participation in the elections in Mexico and the US, and immigration.

Guests: Odilia Romero, General Coordinator, Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales, Los Angeles, CA; Oralia Maceda, Women Coordinator, Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales, Fresno, CA.

Plans to Gut Pesticide Protections. The EPA is facing a lawsuit to make public their communications with representatives of the agricultural and chemical industry during the Trump administration. Those documents may explain why EPA has decided to end rules that prevent pesticide poisonings in farmworker communities. A lawyer discusses this and other legal challenges.

Guest: Iris Figueroa, Staff Attorney, Farmworker Justice, Washington, D.C.

Photo: Yolozee Odilia Romero Xhogosho/Facebook

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