Megadrought, Water Boards and Elections.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12
PROGRAM # 10278 12:00 PM PT

Megadrought, Water Boards and Elections.

Latino voters show a growing interest over water issues, such as drought, inadequate water supplies and the Colorado River crisis, surveys say. Still, Latino elected officials are often absent in water policy forums and very few are represented in water agency boards. Too often, during elections, water board seats go under the radar screen of voters. How high of a priority is water supply in the agenda of Latino voters in the Colorado River basin? What’s the role of local and state water boards in ensuring equal and sustainable access to water? How do water board decisions impact the quality of life of Latino communities?

Guests: Ylenia Aguilar, Member, Central Arizona Project Board of Directors, Phoenix, AZ; Masavi Perea, Deputy Director, CHISPA Arizona, Phoenix, AZ; Vanessa Muñoz, Conservation Program Manager, Hispanic Access Foundation, Washington, DC.

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