The Deep Freeze and the Deadly Carbon Monoxide. Also, Winter Home Fires.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19
PROGRAM #9507 12:00 PM PT

The Deep Freeze and the Deadly Carbon Monoxide.

The Texas power crisis in February set off the worst carbon monoxide poisoning in recent history. Blacks and Latinos took a disproportionate toll of this epidemic. And while Texas finally passed a new law to require carbon monoxide alarms in homes around the state, the new policy is still weaker than the ones in most states and future catastrophes could happen again. How did the disaster happen? What’s been done to protect the residents? How can people prevent carbon monoxide poisonings? A news reporter who digged into the story explains the efforts of the industry to avoid safety regulations, the state of federal policy, the limited efforts to raise awareness among the public, and her own experience during the deep freeze.

Guest: Perla Trevizo, Investigative Reporter, ProPublica, Houston, TX.

Winter Home Fires. A Red Cross expert shares home heating safety tips on how to keep families safe from home fires. According to reports, home fires are most common in colder months with home heating being the second leading cause of fires at families’ residences. In the first days of this month, thousands of people have been affected by home fires and many have lost their lives around the US. What are the most common causes? How to prevent a tragedy? Joining the on-air conversation from the Colorado Marshall Fire disaster area, she also reports on efforts to help Spanish-speaking residents access emergency services and assistance for recovery amid adverse whether conditions.

Guest: Mary Bastos, Organizer, Central California Red Cross Region, Fresno, CA.


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