Judge Stops Suspected “Poll Tax.” Also, California Fires: State of Emergency.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, OCTOBER 28
PROGRAM # 8725 12:00 PM PT

Judge Stops Suspected “Poll Tax.”

A federal judge blocked Florida from requiring former prisoners to pay fines and fees before they can vote, called by some an unconstitutional “poll tax.” Critics also say the law undermines the will of the Floridians who, through a ballot initiative, restore the rights of people disenfranchised due to felony records.

Guest: Jonathan Diaz, Legal Counsel, Voting Rights, Campaign Legal Center, Washington, DC.

California Fires: State of Emergency. Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency as a Northern California fire, fueled by Hurricane-force winds, has burned 70,000 acres, forced the evacuation of nearly 200,000, and blackouts have left millions in the dark. Community advocates comment on the mass evacuations, the routes of evacuation, the emergency shelters, the power cutoffs, the red flag warnings, the school closures, the aid for the undocumented and the forecast.

Guests: Hugo Mata, Program Host, KBBF, Santa Rosa, CA; Omar Medina, Coordinator, UndocuFund, Member of Santa Rosa City School Board, Santa Rosa, CA.

Photo: wjct.org

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