Regina Romero Makes History. Carmakers Get Into Emissions Fight. Chile in Turmoil.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 6
PROGRAM # 8732 12:00 PM PT

Regina Romero Makes History.

Regina Romero went into the history books after being elected as mayor of Tucson, the first woman and first Latina to hold the city’s highest elected office. Romero will now be the only Latina mayor in the 50 most populous cities in the country. In this conversation, she talks about the formula of her victory and her pledge to raise the Tohono-O’odham and Yaqui flags on City Hall, to combat climate change, and invest in public education and infrastructure in the city, and advocate for immigrant communities.

Guest: Regina Romero, Newly-Elect Mayor, Tucson, AZ

Carmakers Get Into Emissions Fight. While four major automakers agreed with California on the need to fight climate change, other big companies including GM, Chrysler and Toyota sided with Trump in the legal attack on emissions against California. They are challenging California’s right to set its own pollution and gas mileage standards. The automotive industry is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases and California has the most vehicles of any state. A guest analyst also comments on Trump’s announcement that his administration will begin the first formal steps to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

Guest: Robert Valencia, Spanish Media Strategist, Earthjustice, New York, NY

Chile in Turmoil. With barely a month’s notice, Chile canceled plans to host the annual United Nations climate summit as ongoing protests against high living costs and widening inequality rocked the country for a third week. The meeting of the world’s leaders is now planned for Spain, while the growing protests in Chile are expected to continue with new demonstrations. How are Chileans in the diaspora following the unrest at home? A Chilean emigre comments on the developments at home and the first investigations on human rights abuses.

Guest: Patricio Zamorano, Academic Researcher, Co-Director, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Washington, DC.


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