Stressed About Climate Change. Also, Climate Change Worsens Air Pollution.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, APRIL 25
PROGRAM # 9602 12:00 PM PT

Stressed About Climate Change.

Gripped by anxiety about the future of children and grandchildren or the trauma of those displaced by wildfires or storms, a majority of Latinos say they are anxious about how climate change will affect future generations. Surveys show Latinos worry more than the general population about climate change. Another new survey shows a large majority of Gen Z youth have suffered a mental health-related issue, including anxiety and stress, as a result of news about climate change. Despite these issues, most say they have taken personal action to respond to climate change.

Guests: Dr. Félix Torres, Member, Board of Trustees, American Psychiatric Association, Austin, TX; David Bond, Director, Mental Health, Blue Shield of California, Los Angeles, CA.

Climate Change Worsens Air Pollution. Due to climate change, deadly particle pollution is worsening in the US. The mass burning of forests in the West has covered communities with toxic wildfire smoke, provoking a public health crisis. Three Latino communities in Central California are the hardest hit by air pollution. A member of the leading lung health organization shares key findings of their most recent “State of the Air” report card, and recommendations for policymakers and for the most vulnerable residents of the polluted areas.

Guest: Dr. Juanita Mora, Immunologist and Allergist, Chicago Allergy Center, Spokesperson, American Lung Association, Chicago, IL.

Photo: Shayna Douglas via Unsplash

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