Extra Edition: Wildfires and Covid – A Repeat.

Tuesday_673x324 11amTUESDAY, AUGUST 17
PROGRAM # 9350 11:00 AM PDT

Extra Edition: Wildfires and Covid – A Repeat.

As the nation recovers from the pandemic, the wildfires that ravage California and Western states are making people more vulnerable to Covid. Exposure to smoke pollution increases the risk of contracting Covid. A researcher discusses his findings and provides recommendations for individuals and governments. This is also a report on the toll on the rash of wildfires in California and the West, the evacuated populations, California’s emergency plans, and the recommended measures to protect yourself against wildfires and Covid.

Guests: Diana Crofts-Pelayo, Spokesperson, Crisis Communication & Public Affairs, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Sacramento, CA; Gerardo Alcantar, Assistant to Professor and Scientist Ira Leifer, Santa Barbara, CA; Ira Leifer, Scientist, Santa Barbara, CA.

Photo: wsws.org

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