From Rock Star to Environment Champion. Also, Monarch Buterflies Dying.


PROGRAM # 7472 12:00 PM PT

From Rock Star to Environment Champion.

The leader of the California Senate, Kevin de León, recognized legendary rock musician Charly Alberti for his efforts to combat global warming, protect the planet, and promote clean and sustainable energies. They comment on those issues.

Guests: Charly Alberti, Chairman, Revolucion21 Foundation, Ex Soda Estereo Drummer; Sen. Kevin de León, President Pro Tempore, California Senate, Sacramento, CA.

Also, Monarch Buterflies Dying. Millions of monarch butterflies are dying primarily due to the rise of genetically modified crops in the US Corn Belt and the massive use of herbicides in these fields. A renowned environmentalist calls on Canada, the US and Mexico to create a milkweed corridor along the migratory route to help monarchs eat and survive.

Guest: Homero Aridjis, Mexican poet and environmentalist leader, Founder of Grupo de los Cien, Mexico City.

Photo: Charly Alberti/Facebook

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