Battling Historic Mega Fires.

Monday_673x324(1)MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14
PROGRAM #9005 12:00 PM PT

Battling Historic Mega Fires.

The unprecedented wildfires raging through 13 western states in the US, have burned more than five million acres, including small towns, forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands, and are putting millions at risk of inhaling toxic smoke far beyond the fires. The unprecedented speed of the mega-fires and the Covid-19 pandemic are making it more difficult for people to evacuate and some warn about “mass fatality incidents.” In this program, experts on fire control, illnesses related to air quality, and healthy urban planning and mitigation of climate change discuss the news from the fire zones in California and Oregon, and Trump’s unexpected visit to California. They also offer advice for families and farmworkers on how to protect against toxic smoke and warn about the link between the worsening air pollution and the higher risk of getting infected with or dying from coronavirus. An environmental epidemiologist also comments on the need to combine urgent measures to address climate change with ecological remedies for forest management to help prevent mega-fires.

Guests: Captain Francisco Herrera, Public Information Officer, CalFire, Riverside, CA; Larry Kleinman, Co-Founder of PCUN, Political Commentator of Radio Poder, Woodburn, OR; Dr. David Rojas-Rueda, Environmental Epidemiologist, Professor at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Fort Collins, CO; Antonieta Cadiz, Hispanic Press Secretary, Climate Power 2020, Houston, TX.


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