Reparations for Migrants. Also, Mexicans in exile.


An international jury made out of advocates and scholars is holding public hearings in Mexico and the U.S. to look into serious violations of human rights against Mexican and Central American migrants who transit through Mexico. The jury is hearing about cases of systematic persecution of migrants by corrupt authorities and organized crime bands, the human toll of policies to militarize and close borders, and the need to prosecute those responsible at the highest levels. This is a conversation with a top organizer.

Guest: Camilo Pérez Bustillo, Professor, Graduate Programme in Human Rights, Autonomous University of Mexico City, currently in Las Cruces, NM.

Also, Mexicans in exile. Attorney Carlos Spector Calderón talks about the case of Carlos Gutiérrez, whose feet were cut off by a criminal group in Mexico. Gutiérrez, now in the U.S. and using prosthetics, plans to bike 700 miles from El Paso to Austin to raise awareness and “raise our voice before authorities.” Spector Calderón says that under President Peña Nieto, media censorship has grown, and cases of murders and attacks are grossly underreported.

Guest: Carlos Spector Calderón, Immigration Attorney and political asylum expert, Denver, CO,



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