Refugees in the Crossfire.

Tuesday_673x324TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24.
PROGRAM # 7659 12:00 PM PT

Refugees in the Crossfire.

President Obama pledged to admit thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Syria. Following the tragic attacks in Paris, nearly half of the US governors asked the federal government not to resettle Syrians refugees into their state and the US House voted to stop the resettlement of refugees from Syria. Human rights experts and political leaders discuss the legal and political implications of these moves.

Guests: Antonio Ginatta, Advocacy Director, US Program, Human Rights Watch, Washington, DC,; Rep. Xavier Becerra, (CA-34), US Congress, Los Angeles, CA, House Democratic Caucus Chairman; Rep. Dr. Raul Ruiz, (CA-36), U.S. Congress, Palm Desert, CA.


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One Response to Refugees in the Crossfire.

  1. Sue Schuyler said: Es una verguenza lo que estamos hacienda con los refugiados aqui, haciendolos presos--mujeres y ninos inocentes que solamente quieren escaparse de la violencia y la pobreza y tener una vida mejor. Me siento avergonzado de mi estado y de mi pais.