The Mayan Count.

Thursday_673x324THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13
PROGRAM # 8803 12:00 PM PT

The Mayan Count.

The Census count is weeks away, community leaders step up efforts to encourage Mayan families to make themselves count in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to a growing community of tens of thousands of Yucatec and Guatemalan Maya-speaking residents. Through bilingual campaigns, they are trying to dispel mistrust of government and fears about being detained and deported after volunteering sensitive information. In this edition, the leader of a Mayan group that was recognized for its effective interpreting service during the recent humanitarian crisis involving Mayan refugees at the border, talks about how in the current Census campaign interpreters are going beyond being mere oral translators to become active community promoters. A Mayan interpreter talks about how she has helped her family overcome fears to being enumerated in previous Census. And a Mayan immigrant says that while she encourages others to be counted, she is not sure she will fill out the Census form, for fear to immigration authorities. This program is distributed in collaboration with Yúuyum Maya Internet Radio.

Guests: Alberto Pérez Rendón, Director of Programs, Asociación Mayab, San Francisco, CA; Estela Lucas, Mam Mayan Interpreter, Oakland, CA; Lucy Góngora, Yucatec Mayan Immigrant, Restaurant Worker, San Francisco, CA.

Photo: latimes/Twitter

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