Nine activists were detained in Nogales, Arizona, last month while crossing the border from Mexico, calling attention to U.S. deportation policies. Known as the “Dream 9,” the activists were arrested and locked at the Eloy detention center, where some were placed in solitary confinement after protesting conditions. After weeks of detention, the ‘Dream 9’ won the right to seek asylum in the U.S. and were freed. How will their actions impact other asylum cases, immigration reform and deportation practices?

Guests: Valeria Fernández, Reporter, Radio Bilingüe, Phoenix, Arizona,; Lizbeth Mateo, Member, National Immigration Youth Alliance, Los Angeles, CA,; Carlos Ríos, Executive Director, Immigrant Rights Network of Iowa, Des Moines, IA,

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  • Audiencia: comenta en casos similares al de Jorge, sí hay abusos a los trabajadores huéspedes, y a veces no hablan por temor.
  • Jorge Palafox: algunos de nosotros sí sabemos nuestros derechos, pero cuando los peleamos, nos quedamos sin trabajo, eso me paso a mí.
  • Jessica Stender: La Declaración Ministerial, significa que los gobiernos pondran atención para evitar las violaciones a los derechos.

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