Martes-FORO COMUNITARIO SOBRE LA REFORMAThis is a repeat of a recorded and edited version of the live town hall meeting on immigration reform held in Fresno City Hall, in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

Guests: Cristina Olea, CSUF student and DACA beneficiary; Brisa Cruz, CSUF student and DACA beneficiary; Diana Tellefson-Torres, executive director, UFW Foundation; David Cardenas, Mayor, City of Fowler, Representative of the Latino Mayors and Local Elected Officials Coalition of Fresno County; Santiago Avila Gomez, community attorney, CRLA Foundation; Raul Moreno, executive director, Education and Leadership Foundation; Maria Rocio Scamio, Mother of deported teen; Clarita Cortes, Community Outreach Coordinator, UFW Foundation; Gloria Hernandez, member of the public; Oralia Maceda, community worker, Centro para el Desarrollo Indigena Oaxaqueno Binacional.

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