Military Families: Deportation and Reunification.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, MAY 31
PROGRAM # 9272 12:00 PM PDT

Military Families: Deportation and Reunification.

After feeling betrayed by the US government, military families overcame the trauma of deportation and family separation and got reunited in recent days. The mom of a US Army officer and the wife of a veteran US Marine, both without criminal records, were mercilessly deported during the Trump administration after decades living in the US and in recent days returned on a humanitarian visa. This is a Memorial Day special.

Guests: Rocío Rebollar Gómez, Mother of US Army First Lieutenant Gibram Cruz, San Diego, CA; Dulce García, Attorney, Border Angels, San Diego, CA; Alejandra Juárez, Wife of US Marine Corps Sgt. Temp Juárez, Orlando, FL; Andrea Martínez, Attorney for Alejandra Juárez, Orlando, FL.


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