Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324TUESDAY, MARCH 6
PROGRAM # 8279 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition.

On the day after the deadline to end DACA, advocates comment on their efforts to get Congress to talk again about a solution for Dreamers. A leading Dreamer visiting Washington warns that the sense of urgency must continue, since more than a thousand of DACA recipients per day are now at risk of deportation. They are those whose applications are pending approval, and they are increasing because of the delays of USCIS in processing applications. The risk for Dreamers along the border is even greater, due to the increased activity of ICE agents and the Border Patrol. Also, prominent Latino business leaders are urging House and Senate leaders to “work on a permanent solution – now”, for the sake of the US economic growth. Also, the federal government is engaging in an effort to denaturalize citizens and deport them when possible, often due to political motives.

Guests: Ariadna Rentería Torres, Executive Director, Immigration Attorney, Immigration Legal Services of Central Coast, Watsonville, CA; Laura Murillo, President and CEO, Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Houston, TX; Dulce Garcia, DACA Recipient, Leader of Dreamers, Attorney, Garcia Law Firm, Chula Vista, CA.


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