Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7
PROGRAM # 8194 12:00 PM PST.

Immigration Edition.

After meeting with Trump, Republican congressmembers said they will not include a legislative fix for Dreamers in December’s omnibus spending bill, delaying action on the Dream Act. Also, California and local governments asked a federal judge to block Trump’s decision to end DACA. Also, an update on the ten-year-old undocumented child with disabilities who was detained for a week in San Antonio and has just been released. Also, after the act of violence in New York, Trump was quick to blame the Diversity Visa Program and immigrants for the terror attack. Finally, a legal analyst comments on the fate of Nicaraguans whose permit under the TPS program is set to end and Hondurans, whose status will continue for six more months.

Guests: David Campos, Deputy County Executive, County of Santa Clara, San Jose, CA; Oscar Chacon, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Alianza Americas, Chicago, IL; Annaluisa Padilla, President, American Immigration Lawyers Association-AILA, Los Angeles, CA.


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