Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324 12pmTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20
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Immigration Edition.

As Dreamers’ future is still in limbo, a conservative court is expected to rule any day now on DACA. A ruling against the program may impact millions of families, the midterm elections, and the Supreme Court. An analyst discusses the ramifications of this case. In another story, Republican governors from border states keep sending buses to drop off migrants now at the home of Vice President Harris and chartered flights to Martha’s Vineyard. Finally, the White House hosted a summit to address the effects of hate violence on democracy and public safety. An advocate discusses the white nationalist conspiracy theories being spread in this election season, and the findings on the effects of that violent rhetoric. Finally, pro-bono immigration attorneys and community activists came together on National Citizenship Day to guide green card holders to take their final steps toward naturalization. What were their most common questions?

Photo: USCIS via facebook

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