Immigration Edition.

Tuesday 12pm 2 (1)TUESDAY, JUNE 14
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Immigration Edition.

Ten years after DACA went into effect, eventually benefitting about 800,000 people from protection from deportation, the legal future of those people is precarious, with their fate being decided by conservative judges. A scientist benefitted by DACA talks about his passion for his job, working with pathologists to help patients find cancer early and save lives. He also talks about the frustrations of living in legal limbo. Also, a member of former President Obama’s reelection team tells the story about how Obama’s decision to create the DACA policy came about. She also comments on the status of the court cases, the challenges of the legislative route, and the resources available for DACA beneficiaries. Also, an advocate calls on Republican candidates from border districts to publicly denounce the extremist “invasion” rhetoric from leading colleagues in their party.

Guests: Edison Suasnavas, Scientist, Specialist in Molecular Oncology, University of Utah, DACA Beneficiary, Saratoga Springs, UT; Gabriela Domenzain, Director of Communications, Center for Immigration Law and Policy, UCLA School of Law, National Director of Hispanic Press for Obama’s Reelection, Los Angeles, CA; Mario Carrillo, Campaign Director, America’s Voice, Washington, DC.

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