Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324 12pmTUESDAY, OCTOBER 12
PROGRAM # 9408 12:00 PM PDT

Immigration Edition.

On Indigenous Peoples Day, Mayan human rights advocates exiled in the US speak about the continuing killing of social activists in Guatemala and the roots of Mayan migration to the US. On more news: DHS issued new guidelines for immigration agents, granting them discretion when deciding who to arrest and deport. It prohibits ICE officers from detaining immigrants whose status is revealed by “unscrupulous employers” and discourages them from deporting farmworkers, the elderly, and minors. An expert explains what these rules mean for the common immigrant. Finally, Democrats continue working on Plan C and D in a new attempt to get a green light from the Senate parliamentarian to include immigration reform in the budget reconciliation plan. An analyst comments on the politics of it.

Guests: Alma Rosa Nieto, Immigration Attorney, AILA, Los Angeles; Larry Kleinman, Political Analyst, KTUP Radio, Woodburn, OR; Gaspar Cobo and Francisco Chavez, Mayan Human Rights Leaders, Asylum Applicants, El Paso, TX (TBA).

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