Immigration Edition.

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Immigration Edition.

After the Senate parliamentarian rejected the second attempt of the Democrats to include immigration reform in the budget reconciliation plan, Immigration Reform in the budget reconciliation, some Democrats rushed to work on a Plan C that includes temporary residency for millions, others called on the Senate to overrule her, while legal scholars call on VP Harris to preside the Senate and issue a ruling contrary to the parliamentarian advice. A top political analyst discusses the way ahead. On other news, DHS released new guidelines on immigration enforcement, advising that the fact that immigrants may be deportable should not be cause enough to remove. Only noncitizens who are a threat to national security, public safety, and border security will be considered a priority for apprehension and removal. Advocates welcomed the announcement with a mix of hope and worry. A police chief welcomes the announcement, hoping it will help build trust between local police and immigrants. Finally, on the 25th anniversary of a restrictive immigration law signed by President Clinton, an immigrant leader reflects on the legacy of the law, a law that fueled arbitrary arrests, fast-track deportations and mass incarceration.

Guests: Clarissa Martinez de Castro, Deputy Vice President, Policy and Advocacy, UnidosUS, Washington, DC; Oscar Chacon, Executive Director, Alianza Americas, Chicago, IL;  Police Chief Andy Harvey, Member of Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force, Pharr, TX.

Photo: Melissa Boughton/Twitter

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