Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324 12pmTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21
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Immigration Edition.

The Senate parliamentarian ruled against including immigration reform in the budget reconcilliation bill, arguing that “the policy changes of the proposal far outweigh the budgetary impact.” Democratic leaders went back to the drawing board, promising an alternative plan in the next few days. Legal and political analysts examine the impact of this setback for Democrats and immigrants, the alternative plans being worked out by the Democrats, including changing the date of Registry, and the unlikely scenario that the Democrats may decide to overrule the parliamentarian. This segment includes a report on a rally outside Capitol Hill to urge the reconvened Congress to use all their available tools to find a path to citinzenship for immigrants through the reconcilliation process. In other news, almost 11 million US citizens live with at least one undocumented immigrant and one in 20 people in the US live in mixed-status families and with the threat of family separation. What would be the impact of immigration reform on the US social fabric? Finally, a recently introduced bill in Congress named “Lift the Bar” would repeal barriers that have kept health care and safety net services out of the reach for millions of lawful permanent residents, and DACA and TPS recipients. A leading advocate for the bill explains its content and comments on its prospects.

Guests:  Marielena Hincapié, Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center, Los Angeles, CA; Larry Kleinman, Political Analyst, Commentator for KTUP Radio, Co-Founder PCUN, Woodburn, OR; Karely Hernandez, Communications Manager,, Washington, DC; (Audio Fragment) US Sen. Chuck Schumer, Leader of the US Senate, D-NY, Washington, DC.


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