Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324 12pmTUESDAY, APRIL 20
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Immigration Edition.

Mónica Ramírez Almadani will be the Public Counsel new director in june, the nation’s largest pro bono law firm, which recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary. A daughter of immigrants and with a career in social justice, Ramírez Almadani comments why this job is so important for her and how the neighborhood where she grew up inspired her career. She also comments on how she will apply her past work experiences such as the one she had with Vice President Kamala Harris, on civil rights, criminal justice and immigrant rights matters. On another note, a well-known activist in Washington state comments on the victory of the new law HB1090 that ban private detention facilities in Washington State, and explains other requests to Governor Jay Inslee such as abolishing the detention of immigrants. And a hunger striker who has been detained in the states of Oregon and Washington talks about the living conditions in these prisions and how he feels about this new law.

Guests: Mónica Ramírez Almadani, Future president and Chief Executive Officer, Public Counsel Los Angeles, CA; Maru Mora Villapando, Director, Latino Advocacy, Tacoma, WA; Manuel Abrego, protestor – Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility in Northern Oregon and Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Seattle, WA


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