Immigration Edition.

Tuesday_673x324TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10
PROGRAM # 8691 12:00 PM PT

Immigration Edition.

Activists from the San Francisco Bay Area culminated a month-long campaign to protest immigrant detention centers, “30 Days of Daily Actions to Close ICE Camps,” and support legislation to ban contracts with for-profit private prisons. On other news, musicians from California launched a series of concerts under the slogan “Our Dreams are Sacred” to sing about the reality of detained migrant children and raise funds to help separated refugee families. Finally, 35 years after its debut, the now restored version of Oscar-nominated El Norte is back on movie theaters with its very current story of Mayan refugees seeking asylum in El Norte. This program also includes sounds of the festival “El Paso Strong,” in support of the victims of a recent mass shooting by a White supremacist terrorist.

Guests: Juan Duran, Organizer, Causa Justa/ Just Cause, San Francisco, CA; Francisco Herrera, Singer and Human Rights Activist, “Our Children are Sacred”, San Francisco, CA; Gregory Nava, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA; (Audio Segments) Fernando Garcia, Pablo Alvarado, Rene Juan Pérez -Residente de Calle 13, El Paso, TX.

Photo: Month of Momentum GROUP PAGE/Facebook

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