“Zeroing in on Healthy Air.”

PROGRAM # 9586 12:00 PM PT

“Zeroing in on Healthy Air.”

The transition to zero-emission electric vehicles would help clean smog pollution and save more than 100,000 lives and generate $1 billion in public health benefits. The ten cities that would benefit most are: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Jose-San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, and other homes with large Latino populations. A top expert on lung health gives perspective. Also, an environment advocate comments the following news stories: The federal highway agency mandated that new cars must achieve 40 MPG within four years,16 more than is now required. The Department of Transportation announced a large investment to build a national electric vehicle charging network in the next 5 years, opening up the possibility that everyone in the United States can have electric vehicles. This development would benefit the pockets of especially Latinos and communities of color, who at the same time are the most affected by automobile pollution. Finally, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the world is fast running out of time to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. We only have three years left for humanity to stop consuming dirty oil and fuel: it is now or never.

Guests: Dr. José Arias, Immunologist and Allergist, Professor of Medicine, University of Central California, Orlando, FL; Javier Sierra, Associate Director of Communications for Latino Media, The Sierra Club, Washington, DC.

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