The Teachers Revolt.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11
PROGRAM # 8305 12:00 PM PT

The Teachers Revolt.

States where teachers are among the lowest paid in the nation and invest the least in schools are now the stage of a major revolt that’s spreading and heating up fast. Teachers went on strike for nine days in West Virginia, followed by a walkout in Oklahoma, where teachers are on their eight day of walkout, winning historic funding increases for public schools. Now, angry about years of funding cuts to education, thousands of teachers in Arizona are rallying and preparing to walkout, urging the state government to restore monies to public schools and give teachers a pay raise. Nearly half of Arizona’s public-school students are Latinos.

Guests: Elvia Diaz, Editor, The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, AZ; Anaiis Ballesteros, Director of Marketing and Digital Engagement, Expect More Arizona, Phoenix, AZ.


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