Keeping Kids Learning and Playing. Also, Outdoors as Medicine.

Thursday_673x324 11(1)THURSDAY, JULY 23
PROGRAM # 8953 11:00 AM PT

Keeping Kids Learning and Playing.

As schools close for the rest of the year, parents wonder how to keep their children educated and entertained. A renowned musician and bilingual educator talks about how to use singing, dancing and folk arts to play with young kids and keep them busy, learning and healthy. The singer-songwriter performs songs that teach children how to wash their hands, promote self-esteem and bilingualism, put children to move and have fun, in order to help them cope with the heightened stress.

Guest: Jose Luis Orozco, Bilingual Educator, Children’s Author and Recording Artist, Santa Cruz, CA.

Outdoors as Medicine. A distinguished pediatrician explains how to help children during the coronavirus crisis to be here and now, relaxed and calm, to get them out of thoughts of anguish and panic attacks in the situation of home confinement. In addition to promoting communication, she recommends helping them connect with Nature, through forest bath therapies, keeping plans and rocks indoors, running, cycling and playing outdoors, and smelling aromas of rose and lavender. She also talks about advances in tele-psychology, remote consultations, that may help in times of emotional crisis and social distancing.

Guest: Dr. Anissa V. Hernandez Rivera, Psychiatrist, Centro Holístico para el Bienestar de la Salud Mental, Humacao, Puerto Rico


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