New Mexico: Poor School Funding. Also, Immigration and Key Battlegrounds. Also, Joaquín Murrieta: Yesterday and Now.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, JULY 30
PROGRAM # 8391 12:00 PM PT

New Mexico: Poor School Funding.

In a landmark decision, a state judge ruled that New Mexico is not providing enough funds to ensure a good education for at risk schoolchildren and ordered Gov. Susana Martinez to take corrective steps.

Guest: Alejandra Avila, Staff Attorney, MALDEF, San Antonio, TX.

Immigration and Key Battlegrounds. Four months before the midterm elections, President Trump injected the immigration debate into the battle for Congress, threatening to shut down the government over funding for the border wall. A polling firm checked the pulse of voters in battleground congressional districts on immigration matters, including the wall. They found most Latino voters are angry over the current policies of child separation and detention and funding for the border wall. They are also tired of division and racial hostility, and support welcoming immigrants.

Guest: Claudia Rodríguez, Analyst, Latino Decisions, Los Angeles, CA.

Joaquín Murrieta: Yesterday and Now. Dozens of horse men and women from around California rode for three days in the 40th anniversary of the horse pilgrimage that celebrates Joaquin Murrieta, the Mexican Robin-Hood type of folk hero. The traditional horse ride included a march against family separation and walls that culminated in Mendota, home to many farm working Salvadoran families. Organizers draw connections between Murrieta’s legendary resistance to racial hatred and the current fight of Latino immigrants for their family and culture.

Guest: Eliseo Gamiño, Educator, Co-Organizer, 40th Joaquin Murrieta Horse Pilgrimage Celebration, Firebaugh, CA.

Photo: New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty/Facebook

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