Massacre in Uvalde: The Hard Questions.


PROGRAM # 9642 12:00 PM PT

Massacre in Uvalde: The Hard Questions.

After 19 children and two teachers were killed in an elementary school in Uvalde, the nation is grappling with the aftermath. Hard questions are being raised: Is the culture of arms turning into a culture of massacres? Why is Texas disinvesting in mental health care? A Texas reporter covering Uvalde talks about the ever-changing versions of the state and local police and keeps asking: why didn’t police intervene on time? what went wrong? who is responsible? will cops make public body camera video footage? A local neighbor says many in the community are angry at the police for refusing to stop the carnage and with politicians for refusing to take meaningful action. A national civil rights leader announces a fundraising campaign to benefit survivors and families of the victims, and urges Washington to work on gun-safety laws that protect Latino communities, since Latino children are the most hit by gun violence.

Guests: James Barragán, Politics Reporter, The Texas Tribune, Austin, TX; Sindy Benavides, Chief Executive Officer, LULAC, Washington, DC; Elia Gómez, Community Resident, Uvalde, TX.

Photo: Fabrice Florin via Flickr

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