Castro Makes History as First Chancellor of Color. Also, Elections, Covid, and Higher Education.

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Castro Makes History as First Chancellor of Color.

This is an interview with Dr. Joseph Castro, who is becoming the first chancellor of color in the history of CSU, the largest university system in the nation. He talks about how his experience as a first generation student helped him find the formula to succeed in helping low-income students navigate the college system and put Fresno State among the nation’s top universities. He also discusses plans for CSU in the challenging times of Covid, the efforts to ensure academic quality in the new system of virtual education, and his hopes for Proposition 16, the state pro-affirmative action initiative that tackles discrimination.

Guest: Dr. Joseph Castro, President of Fresno State University, Incoming Chancellor, CSU System, Fresno, CA.

Elections, Covid, and Higher Education. A national leader of higher education discusses the impact of the 2020 presidential election on Latinos in higher education, the reasons why education may be a top-tier issue in the presidential race, and the state initiatives to watch. He also discusses the impact of the growing coronavirus outbreak in the higher education system and Latino students and faculty, and the impact of the switch to virtual learning on students who lack access to computers or the internet. Finally, applauding the selection of incoming CSU Chancellor Joseph Castro, he anticipates Castro will be able to have national and international influence.

Guest: Dr. Antonio Flores, President, Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, San Antonio, TX.


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