Displaced Mushroom Workers. Florida Bans African American History Studies. Political Shootings in New Mexico.

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Displaced Mushroom Workers.

Dozens of Guatemalan workers were left jobless and without pay after a Colorado mushroom mega-farm collapsed into despite receiving Covid relief. Some farm workers are now exploring the possibility of running the company themselves as a worker cooperative. The company is one of the largest employers in the San Luis Valley, which is the state’s lowest-income area.

Florida Bans African American History Studies. Florida has barred high schools from teaching an African American studies class, saying the course is not “historically accurate” and violates state law. The state has also banned other courses teaching on the country’s history of slavery.

Political Shootings in New Mexico. A Republican former state house candidate was arrested and implicated in a number of shootings targeting the homes of Democratic elected officials in New Mexico. The suspect alleged both his and Trump’s election were rigged. Is this incident the sign of a trend? Should these incidents be considered acts of domestic terrorism?

Photo: Colorado Mushroom Farm via Facebook

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