Reimagining the New Economy.

Wednesday_673x324 12WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21
PROGRAM #9052 12:00 PM PT

Reimagining the New Economy.

Millions of families have lost most of their income due to the pandemic and are not getting any more emergency federal aid and things look harder ahead. Analysts suggest that this time of one of the worst economic crisis in decades should be a time to reimagine and build a new, anti-racist economic system. Rebuild in a way that allows communities of color thrive for generations. Analysts comment on their vision.

Guests: Alvaro S. Sanchez, Environmental Equity Director, The Greenlining Institute, Oakland, CA; Ricardo Lara, Insurance Commissioner, California Department of Insurance, Los Angeles, CA; Cristina Garcia, Assemblywoman, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: The Wall Post/Facebook

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