Sheepherders Labor Rules. Also, Mireles Fights for Dismissal of Charges.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2.
PROGRAM # 7665 12:00 PM PT

Sheepherders Labor Rules.

Sheepherders in Colorado and the US are getting a pay raise according to new rules being implemented this month by the US Department of Labor. That salary update followed language proposed by the sheep industry. The sheep growers also succeeded in defining the meaning of open range and retaining provisions about the use of the H2A program, including mobile housing and annual visas. A sheepherder advocate and a sheepherder organizer join this program to discuss these issues.

Guest: Chris Schneider, Attorney, Veteran Legal Advocate for Sheepherders, Fresno, CA; Heraclio Astete, Former President, Sheepherders Union, Bakersfield, CA.

Also, Mireles Fights for Dismissal of Charges. A judge subpoenaed high-ranking officials in Mexico to testify in a hearing on the case of Dr. Mireles, leader of self-defense groups. They didn’t appear before the court. Dr. Mireles’ defense claims state and federal government officials gave his client authorization to carry guns and fight organized crime.

Guests: Dr. Virginia Mireles, Sister of Dr. Manuel Mireles, Cd. Hidalgo, Michoacán; Hipólito Mora, Leader of Self-Defense Groups and Court Witness, La Ruana, Michoacán, MX.

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