Eviction Protections. Also, California’s Wealth and Latinos.

Wednesday_673x324(3)WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2
PROGRAM # 8994 12:00 PM PT

Eviction Protections.

The Centers for Disease Control issued a surprising temporary stop on evictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The new evictions ban will protect renters through the end of the year. At the same time, California passed the Covid-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020, a legislation to protect from eviction millions of californians who are struggling to pay rent. Landlord groups welcome the state legislation, tenant groups not so much. Housing advocates explain what the federal order and the state law mean, discuss the community-wide benefits of preventing evictions, still fear a wave of evictions may be coming, and call for lawmakers to continue working on a package for rental assistance.

Guests: Mercedes Marquez, General Manager, Marquez Community Strategy, Deputy Mayor for Housing City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; Elena Popp, Executive Director, Eviction Defense Network, Los Angeles, CA

California’s Wealth and Latinos. In their national convention, Republicans warned that California, once a wealthy, innovator, and clean state, is now heading downhill and is almost in ruins. What’s the state of California’s economy in the world and its contributions to the federal budget? And what role do Latino workers play in California’s and US economies?

Guest: (Recorded, Archived Segment) Ana Valdez, Executive Director, Latino Donor Collaborative, Los Angeles, CA.

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