First Key Vote on Infrastructure Bill.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, JULY 21
PROGRAM # 9324 12:00 PM PDT

First Key Vote on Infrastructure Bill.

The US Senate voted today on a motion to open debate on the bipartisan infrastructure deal, the largest public initiative since the New Deal. The Republicans blocked the move, in what is seen as the first major test for the plan as it navigates the troubled waters of a divided and polarized Congress. The plan includes investments in infrastructure, including roads, bridges, airports, water, and broadband. Members of the negotiating group pledged to have a text ready for a vote in the coming days. A separate 3.5 trillion initiative to invest in climate change and social programs is being developed by the Democrats. A reporter talks about the ongoing voting and the politics behind today’s test; a leading California farmer comments on the impact of the infrastructure investments on the drought-stricken agriculture industry and his push for water storage and immigration reform; and an advocate for small business talks about the items in the bill that may help struggling small business recover from the pandemic crisis, including more funds for broadband service, as well as the proposal to increase corporate taxes to raise the money for the plan.

Guests: José López Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC; Joe del Bosque, Farmer, Firebaugh, CA; Latavia Pineda, Southern California Outreach Manager, Small Business Majority, Los Angeles, CA.


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