First State of the Union.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2
PROGRAM # 9549 12:00 PM PT

First State of the Union.

President Biden’s first state of the union address headlined the US response to the war in Ukraine, condemning Russian President Putin and supporting Ukraine. Biden explains his infrastructure projects and other efforts to get the economy to recover, his plans for the new phase of the pandemic, the climate crisis and environmental racism, legislation to protect voting rights, and the historic nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. The Republican response was delivered by a Republican governor who during the pandemic signed legislation blocking mask mandates in schools and banning cities from requiring face masks in businesses. She also sent state troopers to the US-Mexico border. A leader of progressive Democrats gave an unusual response, calling on President Biden to use his executive power to cancel the student debt and regulate carbon emissions and renew his push for childcare and prescription drug price control. Analysts discuss the address and the outlook for both parties in the midterm elections.

Guests: José López Zamorano, Reporter, Washington, DC; Vanessa Cárdenas, Democratic Strategist, Political Analyst, Washington, DC; Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Arizona, Washington, DC; Héctor Barajas, Spokesperson, California Republican Party, Sacramento, CA.

Photo: Whitehouse via facebook

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