New Covid Epicenter. Stimulus Checks for Mixed-Status Families. Protections for Food Industry Workers.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, AUGUST 10
PROGRAM # 8970 12:00 PM PT

New Covid Epicenter.

Coronavirus is hitting hard California’s Central Valley, which now leads the state with infection outbreaks. Gov. Newsom is sending the most ravaged counties a “strike team” similar to the one deployed in Imperial County, once the Covid epicenter in the state. A public health leader shares the experience of a hotspot county that is coming back and has been able to turn things around. She reports on finding support for specialized personnel, contact tracing workers, ventilators, PPEs, as well as timely Covid testing, massive distribution of face masks for essential workers, and other emergency measures.

Guests: Janette Angulo, Director, Imperial County Public Health Department, El Centro, CA.

Stimulus Checks for Mixed-Status Families. Excluding undocumented workers and their families from the stimulus payments would be counterproductive, says a distinguished social researcher. As the debate in Washington over economic relief plans heats up, an academic study suggests high unemployment rates and diminished purchasing power among the undocumented is leading to a bigger public health and economic crisis.

Guest: Dr. Raul Hinojosa-Ojeda, Professor, Chicana and Chicano Studies Department, Director and Founder of North America Integration and Development Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

Protections for Food Industry Workers. The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening the life of thousands of farm workers and meat packing and fruit packing workers. While federal officials have released guidelines to encourage companies to protect their workers, union leaders say those recommendations don’t have any teeth and are calling on OSHA to establish emergency temporary safety standards.

Guest: Martin Rosas, President, UFCW Local 2, Wichita, KS.


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