Coping with Tax Hikes. Also, Permits for Immigrant Workers. Also, Officer Cleared in Killing of Unarmed Elder.

Monday_673x324MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5
PROGRAM # 8258 12:00 PM PT

Coping with Tax Hikes.

The California state senate passed a bill to protect state taxpayers from federal tax hikes, after Trump limited state and local tax deductions, in a direct hit to Democrat-led states. To offset the blow to the federal deduction, lawmakers propose to allow state taxpayers to make deductible donations to college and school education in California.

Guest: Audio segment Sen. Kevin de Leon, California State Senate President Pro Tempore, Author of SB 227, D-Los Angeles, Sacramento, CA.

Permits for Immigrant Workers. A bipartisan group of California state legislators introduced a bill proposing to create a resident worker permit program in the state to bring workers out of the shadows and address workforce shortages. Under this program, to be developed by a group of experts, the state would work with the federal government to give provisional permits to undocumented workers in agriculture and service industries, while Congress comes up with an immigration reform. Farmworker union leaders warn this program may have dangerous unintended consequences.

Guests: Assemblymember Anna Caballero, D-Salinas, Sacramento, CA; Armando Elenes, 3rd Vice-President, United Farm Workers, Delano, CA.

Officer Cleared in Killing of Unarmed Elder. Bakersfield’s DA decided to clear the police officer who shot to death Francisco Serna. According to the DA office, the officer was justified in firing his weapon after Serna failed to comply with his orders. Serna was an elderly patient of dementia who was walking unarmed through his neighborhood. Serna’s family say they will continue seeking justice and accountability from a police department which is famous for its disproportionate use of lethal force.

Guest: Laura Serna, Daughter of Francisco Serna, Bakersfield, CA.


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