The Future of Higher Education. Student Loans Repayment. Colorado No-Cost Preschool: Rollout Woes.

Wednesday_673x324WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15
PROGRAM # 10190 12:00 PM PT

The Future of Higher Education.

A top leader of higher education in Colorado talks about her career, rising in the ranks of higher education as a Latina woman. She also discusses her challenges ahead as she leads Colorado’s community college system, whose student body is one third Latinx, two thirds are the first in their family to attend college, and most self-identify as underrepresented.

Guest: Dr. Marielena “Marie” DeSanctis, President, Community College of Denver, Denver, CO.

Colorado No-Cost Preschool: Rollout Woes. Last year, Colorado established a universal preschool program. Education officials and parents enthusiastically hailed the new program as a historic milestone for the state. The problem is the tremendous enrollment has plagued the rollout with a number of challenges. What is the state doing to fix the glitches?

Guest: Yesenia Robles, Suburban Reporter, Chalkbeat, Denver, CO.

Photo: MD Duran via Unsplash

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