Mexico Edition.

Friday_673x324 aug 7FRIDAY, AUGUST 7
PROGRAM # 8969 12:00 PM PT

Mexico Edition.

One year after the mass shooting that killed 23 people in El Paso, the worst act of domestic terrorism against Latinos in modern times, young professionals from the joint community of El Paso-Ciudad Juárez bring new, fresh perspectives on what it means to live in a borderland. On another topic, a leader of Zacatecan emigres talks about a mural dedicated in Los Angeles to a fellow Zacatecan, the late Vanessa Guillén, the soldier murdered inside a military base in Texas. He also talks about how, despite the Covid crisis, Mexican emigres are sending more money home to help their families and, perhaps, to prepare for their return to their homeland. Finally, a state legislator from Oaxaca discusses her bill to ban sales of sodas and junk food to kids, in an effort to fight obesity and diabetes, in a state that leads the nation in children’s obesity. The bill is now on the governor’s desk.

Guests: State Representative Magaly López Domínguez, Morena Party, Oaxaca Legislature, Oaxaca City; Guadalupe Gómez, President, Federación de Clubes Zacatecanos del Sur de California, Los Angeles; Daniel Fuentes Muñoz, Alejandra Ramos Gómez, Lulú Ortiz, Stephanie Corral, Antonio Villaseñor Baca, Viridiana Villa, Gris Muñoz, Residents of El Paso-Ciudad Juárez.


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