Extra Edition: Tax Season. Medicare begins drug price negotiations. Nevada Caucuses.

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Extra Edition: Tax Season.

Just three years ago, California and Colorado became the first states to allow applicants for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to claim their state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, a crucial benefit for Latino families with mixed immigration status. This has been joined by other states such as New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. This year, thousands of families could be eligible for that tax credit. An expert shares tips on how to access these benefits and how to find help in Spanish.

Guest: Andy Rodríguez, Senior Los Angeles Organizer, Golden State Opportunity, Los Angeles, CA.

Medicare begins drug price negotiations.

The federal government began Medicare price negotiations for the first 10 drugs subject to the Inflation Reduction Act. Thanks to this landmark achievement, the affordability of prescription drugs for the elderly and equity in the healthcare system could be improved.

Guest: Rafael Medina, Director of Media Relations, Center for American Progress, Washington, DC.

Nevada Caucuses.

Republican voters received mail ballots for the primary that don’t list front-runner Donald Trump’s name because Trump is competing in the party-run caucuses on this day. He is widely expected to take all the state’s delegates. Analysts give news and commentary.

Guest: Chelis López, Reporter and Co-Host, Línea Abierta / Radio Bilingüe, Las Vegas, NV.

Photo: Medicare via Facebook

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