Extra Edition: Student Loan Debt Relief. Also, Conservatives Target School Boards.

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Extra Edition: Student Loan Debt Relief.

President Biden kicked off the application process for the student debt cancellation program. He announced that 22 million borrowers had already applied only in the first week. While the plan has been temporarily halted by a court, the debt relief application is still open and applications continue. Who qualifies? How does it work?

Guest: Emily Labandera, Director of Research, Excelencia in Education, Washington, DC. .

Conservatives Target School Boards. A growing number of right-wing groups backed by Republicans are targeting school board elections across California to advance their agenda against teaching about racism and racial equity and gender equity. These campaigns are exploiting frustration of parents with Covid-19 school closures, and are investing millions in recruiting and training candidates to run for school boards under a program called Parent Revolt. What’s at stake in school board elections?

Guest: Zaidee Stavely, Reporter, EdSource, Oakland, CA.

Photo: Federal Student Aid via facebook

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