Extra Edition: Planada, One Year After the Floods

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Extra Edition: Planada, One Year After the Floods.

One year after the flooding in Planada, Merced County approved a $20 million fund in state aid. What is the plan to distribute the money among the victims? Also, as new storms hit the area, what’s being done to prevent a repeat of the disaster?

Guest: Christian De Jesús Betancourt, Reporter, The Merced Focus/El Enfoque de Merced, Merced, CA.

On Wage Theft and Labor Abuse.

A recent report examines the impact of a ballot initiative on workers’ ability to fight workplace abuses, including the theft of billions in wages from their paychecks and violations of sick leave and workplace safety rules. The authors conclude that, under the proposal, workers would have a harder time enforcing their legal rights. This is a conversation with a representative of the study.

Guest: Yvonne Garcia Medrano, Staff Attorney, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, Los Angeles, CA.

Better Access to Financial Services.

An initiative called CalAccount that would provide millions of Californians with access to bank accounts and debit cards without fees or penalties is the focus of a series of town hall meetings involving a coalition of community organizations, banking experts and financial empowerment advocates. An organizer explains the plan.

Guest: Paulina Gonzalez-Brito, Chief Executive Officer, Rise California (formerly the California Reinvestment Coalition), Oakland, CA.

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