Extra Edition: Largest Strike in the Healthcare Sector. How to Avoid Medi-Cal Disenrollment. Flood Victims Set to Sue Over Damage.

Thursday_673x324 11amTHURSDAY, OCTOBER 12
PROGRAM # 10156 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Largest Strike in the Healthcare Sector.

Tens of thousands of health workers went on strike last week in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington and threaten more strikes if their demands over staffing and job outsourcing are not met. The strike against Kaiser Permanente, the largest healthcare non profit in the nation, is the largest ever in the US healthcare sector. What does this strike mean for patients and the healthcare industry? What’s the state of the negotiations?

Guests: Valeska Castañeda Puerto, Representative, United Healthcare Workers West-UHW, Los Angeles, CA; Víctor Rodríguez, Labor Representative, Encino Medical Hospital Center, Los Angeles, CA.

How to Avoid Medi-Cal Disenrollment. Thousands continue getting disenrolled from Medi-Cal, despite being eligible. Most enrollees are unaware that the state is resuming disenrollments, and they may not know that they will need to renew their coverage. Why are Medicaid beneficiaries being kicked off of the program? What can they do to stay in the program or get reinstated?

Guest: Dr. Ilan Shapiro, Chief Health Correspondent and Chief Medical Officer, AltaMed, Los Ángeles, CA.

Flood Victims Set to Sue Over Damage. Seven months after a series of heavy rains flooded farm working communities in California’s San Joaquin Valley, neighbors from the city of Woodlake are taking steps to sue local and state agencies. They are holding local authorities responsible for the floods that destroyed their homes. What remedies do they seek?

Guest: Melissa Montalvo, Contributing Reporter, Fresno Bee, Central Valley News Collaborative, Fresno, CA.

Photo: SEIU

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