Extra Edition: Stroke: Know Signs, Act Early. Also, Mortgage Relief.

Tuesday_673x324 11amTUESDAY, MAY 17
PROGRAM # 9624 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Stroke: Know Signs, Act Early.

Each year in the US, there are more than 800,000 strokes, one of the leading causes of death in the country and serious long-term disabilities. In National Stroke Awareness Month, an expert urges people to recognize the signs and the importance of acting early as part of the Know Stroke campaign. He talks about the importance of arriving at the hospital on time.

Guest: Dr. Clinton Wright, Director, Division of Clinical Research, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), Bethesda, MD.

Mortgage Relief. Since last December, the new California Mortgage Rescue Program has already provided millions in grants to cover overdue mortgage payments to help low- and moderate-income homeowners across the state. The funds are to help homeowners who fell behind on their home payments during the COVID-19 pandemic catch up. A representative of the state explains how to benefit from the rescue program.

Guest: Brandi Garcia-Valdes, Spokesperson, California Mortgage Rescue Program, Sacramento, CA.

Photo: CDC via facebook

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