Extra Edition: Helping Students to Pay for College Costs. Also, Historic Changes to Remedial Courses.

Tuesday_673x324 11amTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13
PROGRAM # 9743 11:00 AM PT

Extra Edition: Helping Students to Pay for College Costs.

Latino students attending community colleges face a number of pressures, including the soaring costs of living. As they struggle, community college leaders reach out to inform on recent changes to financial aid programs, including changes to Cal Grant and more support for full-time students to help them pay for the costs of college.

Guest: Dr. Daisy Gonzáles, Interim Chancellor, California Community Colleges, Sacramento, CA.

Historic Changes to Remedial Courses. The California legislature passed groundbreaking legislation reforming remedial placement policies at the state’s community college system, which disproportionately impacts Latino and Black students, imperiling moving on to college. The bill requires the state’s community colleges to recognize high school coursework and that students be placed into English and math classes.

Guest: Sbeydeh Viveros Walton, Director of Higher Education, Public Advocates, San Francisco, CA.

Photo: California Students Aid Commission via facebook

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