Extra Edition: Green School Buses, Trees to Cool Barrios Down. Unclaimed Owed Wages. Food For All.

Thursday_673x324 11amTHURSDAY, JANUARY 18
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Extra Edition: Green School Buses, Trees to Cool Barrios Down.

The EPA is investing nearly one billion dollars to supply electric school buses to help improve air quality for children and advance environmental justice. In related news, Los Angeles County is working on a plan to plant and maintain trees in historically marginalized areas in order to cool the streets with shade, help combat climate risks like extreme heat, and improve mental health.

Guests: Mercedes McKinley, Organizadora para la Zona de Nevada, EcoMadres and Moms Clean Air Force, Las Vegas, NV; Cristina Basurto, Community Organizing Manager, City Plants, Los Angeles, CA.

Unclaimed Owed Wages.

As millions of dollars remain unclaimed in the US because workers who are owed wages have not been located, federal labor authorities stepped up investigations on employers who did not pay full salaries. They are also making available an online tool called Workers Owed Wages (WOW) to allow workers to know if they are owed funds.

Guest: José A. Carnevali, Deputy Regional Director for Public Affairs, Department of Labor – San Francisco Office, San Francisco, CA.

Food For All.

California immigrant rights and anti-hunger advocates are urging Gov. Newsom to expand access to food assistance for undocumented immigrants and their families in his new state budget plan.

Guest: Betzabel Estudillo, Director of Engagement, Nourish California, Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: epa.gov

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