Extra Edition: Jazzing Up Mariachi Music. (Repeat)

PROGRAM # 9501 11:00 AM PT

Jazzing Up Mariachi Music. (Repeat)

In the 1940s and ‘50s, Miguel Martínez changed mariachi music forever, from folk music that mostly highlighted string instruments to a music marked first by a single trumpet and later by a trumpet duet. Maestro Martínez was the main individual responsible for this, beginning in the early 1940s. His trumpet is featured on several thousand recordings now considered classics, by artists such as Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Lola Beltrán, Amalia Mendoza, Miguel Aceves Mejía, José Alfredo Jiménez and Los Panchos, among many others.

Guests: Miguel Martínez, trumpet pioneer, Mexico City; Jonathan Clark, mariachi musician and historian, Livermore, CA; Javier Magallón, director and trumpet player, Mariachi Colima, Oakland, CA; Lucía Pérez, trumpet player, Mariachi Femenil Orgullo Mexicano, Oakland, CA; Alex “Mantecas” González, director and trumpet player, Mariachi Tepalcatepec de Michoacán, Los Angeles, CA, producer of a CD in tribute to Miguel Martínez, Los Angeles, CA.

Photo: Iván Lenovy via Wikipedia

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